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Last year, I decided to take my freelance writing seriously.

So I joined James Chartrand’s Damn Fine Words (DFW) course as well as Danny Iny’s Audience Business MasterClass (ABM).

I also won a place in Mridu Khullar’s 30 Days 30 Queries course and this month I joined Pitch Clinic (taught by Carol Tice and Linda Formicelli)

Yeah, I know. Seems to be one too many.

I’m doing these courses to learn new skills as well as to connect with and learn from writers and bloggers I admire.

Also investing in these courses is a signal to myself that I am serious about becoming a professional writer.

As Danny says, the best investment is in yourself.

What about you?

Do you want to be a successful writer?

If  yes, what is your plan of action?

What are your goals?

Two principles to keep in mind:

1. Luck is infatuated with those who take action

Make sure you act on your goals – today and every day.

Don’t use planning as an insidious form of procrastination.

In the words of Carol Tice, “Be a writer, not a waiter.”

2. Don’t get stuck in the quicksand of Analysis-Paralysis

(There’s nothing quick about it.)

To paraphrase Marie Forleo “Engagement comes from action, not introspection.”

So don’t spend forever debating about whether to blog or write for magazines or to publish e-books or whatever.

(I did that already.)

Set a few simple specific goals and get going.

Review after three months.

That’s it.

Get going.

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  1. Hello Rohi

    I love your blog. It’s easy and natural to live the life you desire when you are committed to daily meditation practice. When your mind is quiet… you are able to observe your thoughts and emotions, become attune to your vibrations and the vibrations of others, access your inherent healing energies, restore your natural health and the answers you are seeking become visible. Your daily meditation practice is your gift to yourself. With sustained practice, all aspects of your life will be enhanced.

    I wish you all the best of luck.
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