Beyond Satisfaction – Book Review

Beyond Satisfaction – Book Review

Beyond Satisfaction by Breanna Dyck - Book Review

Beyond Satisfaction

The main reason why I picked up Beyond Satisfaction to read is because I wanted definitive advice to create my first online course on walking meditation. I’ve been following Breanne’s blog for a while and her advice is counter-intuitive but extremely sensible.

In Beyond Satisfaction, Breanne gives a detailed roadmap to creating a successful and profitable online course, which can be applied even by absolute newbies to create their first online course.

For example, she explains:

  • the three types of participants
  • the three Rs that lead to maximum impact
  • how to discover your perfect participant (it’s NOT by creating an imaginary avatar),
  • the surprising parameters that define the success of your course, how to make the most of
  • how to make the most of customer feedback,
  • how to set up an ongoing system of course correction
  • and much, much more.

In addition, she provides relevant case studies highlighting different aspects of course creation and optimization.

What I found the most useful, however, was the Your Turn! action sections, which include helpful worksheets and videos. I’ve already started using them to create my course.

If you plan to create an online course, read this book first and download the bonuses.
Most important, act on the advice in her book.

Beyond Satisfaction is available on October 11, 2016 exclusively on Amazon.

Exciting News:

Beyond Satisfaction is completely free for the next five days.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle for Mac or Kindle for PC apps. There are also Kindle apps for Android and iOS.

If you want to ensure your Learning Experience turns into a remarkable customer experience, this is a must read.

Click here to download Breanne’s book, Beyond Satisfaction, free.